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Truck Transport Leasing

Transportation Equipment Leasing

There are many different types of vehicles needed for moving around different goods. Instead of laying out all of your company cash and owning a fleet of trucks consider equipment leasing as an alternative.

Whether your business is a large corporation or a small ‘mom and pop’ shop, equipment leasing allows your business to have increased financial flexibility combined with cost certainty. Turnaround time is quick. Applications generally take less than ten minutes to complete and the process is very easy.

Here are some different vehicles available for lease:


  Vac Trucks
  Grain Trailers
  High/Low Bed Trailers
  Cabs and Chassis
  Picker Trucks
  Refrigerated Trucks
  Crane Trucks
  Tanker Trailers
  Water Trucks
  And much more
The benefits of equipment leasing are that your company will remain lean and profitable. Here are the main reasons your company should lease vehicles instead of owning them:
  Cost Certainty: Having a set fee each month means that your company can have peace of mind when it comes to the budget. Never have unexpected expenses again when dealing with your vehicle fleet
  Updated Equipment: Thanks to the generous terms of all equipment leases your business will always have the most modern equipment, never deal with outdated equipment that loses value. When it’s time for new equipment, simply call the leasing company and we will get you the newest vehicles right off the line
  Increased Productivity: When you have the best equipment you never have to make do and hope all goes well, having the latest models means that your business is always on the cutting edge and operating at peak efficiency
There is no better time than today to get the transportation equipment leasing information your company needs. Call the professionals at Equipment Leasing Vancouver today at 604-670-7816 to find out more!


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