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Lease a Reliable Tractor Today!

Tractor Equipment Leasing

The tractor is the most utilized machine on your farm. Think about all the different actions you do every day that involve the tractor. This machine is the reason your farm can run efficiently and turn out a vibrant crop every season. How lost would you be without your tractor?

Unfortunately, tractors have a propensity to break – like any machine. How many times have you repaired a tractor, and the repair wasn’t the best job, but was just enough to get the day’s work done? The problem with that scenario is your tractor gets weaker with every half measure. Eventually, the cost of maintaining the tractor turns out to be more than it would take to buy a new tractor.

Instead of buying a new tractor and dealing with the same issues – no matter how diligent you are – there is a better way to ensure that you consistently have a running tractor. The solution? Tractor leasing!


Tractor leasing is exactly what it sounds like, and for the farmer it’s a consistent, low-cost recurring expense allowing you to be working – not fixing a device and hoping that it works.

The benefits of tractor leasing are simple: fixed price, updated equipment, and consistent support.

Here’s how each works:
  Fixed Price: Variation in harvest is a fact of life for farmers, so having a consistent monthly expense that never unexpectedly inflates means lean harvest are not as problematic
  Updated Equipment: As technology gets better, you’ll always have the best tractor available instead of the old rust bucket held together with duct tape and a prayer
  Consistent Support: If the tractor is not working properly, simply call the equipment vendor and a professional will be out there right away to fix it
Don’t wait to get rid of your tractor worries, call Equipment Leasing Vancouver at 604-670-7816 today and always have a reliable tractor!


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