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Expand Your Harvesting Opportunity

Skid Steer Equipment Leasing

The skid steer is the light, versatile tool allowing you to accomplish a ton of different tasks around your farm. If you didn’t have a skid steer, how much time would be added to your day in just the tasks it assists with?

However, owning a skid steer can be remarkably costly – especially with maintenance. A solution that farmers like yourself choose is to lease their skid steers. The benefits of leasing skid steers are numerous, but here are the most important: fixed price, updated equipment, and consistent support.

Here’s how each works:


  Fixed Price: Variation in harvest is a fact of life for farmers, so having a consistent expense that never unexpectedly inflates means lean harvest are not as problematic
  Updated Equipment: As technology gets better, you’ll always have the best skid steer available instead of having to make do with what you have available
  Consistent Support: If the skid steer is not working properly, simply call the equipment vendor and a professional will be out there right away to fix it
Don’t wait to get rid of your skid steer worries, call our company at 604-670-7816 today to ensure you always have a reliable workhorse!


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