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Leverage Extra Equipment

Medical Equipment Leasing

For all medical professionals, it is imperative to have the best equipment on site, your patients depend on your ability to help them and whether you are a large hospital or small doctor’s office, you have no margin for error. With this in mind, think about your on-site equipment. How much of your equipment is the most modern version?

How many instruments do you have that you wish you could trade in because they either don’t serve much of a purpose or are more trouble than they’re worth to maintain?

What would you say about a service where you could have the most updated equipment, cost certainty, and at the same time provide your patients with the best information about their health?

Fortunately, this is not some revolutionary medical technology we’re talking about here, it’s something simple – medical equipment leasing. When you think about your practice, how immediately inclined are you to own your equipment? What do you see as the benefits of owning this equipment?



Perhaps you see cost certainty, maybe you even see gaining familiarity with the equipment. The reality is these ideas are antiquated in today’s medicine. Look at all the recent research in the last few years of any field of medicine – it’s not the same industry it was once upon a time.

Expand Your Practice

The Benefits to Leasing Medical Equipment

There are many benefits to leasing medical equipment, but perhaps the most important is the flexibility your business has in treating patients and containing costs.

Here are some of the most important benefits:
  Specialty Tools: If you are a surgeon, chances are the surgical techniques you learned in med school are completely different than today. With robotics, surgery is much more precise today. However, with new equipment constantly on the marketplace, it’s important that you stay abreast on new developments. Equipment leasing allows you to always have the best available options for your patients
  The Latest Equipment: For medical professionals, having the right tools allows you to render the best diagnostic and treatment information for patients. You don’t treat patients with old ideas, so don’t use old equipment. Leasing equipment allows you to have the latest MRI machines, X-Rays, and so much more
  Cost Certainty: Medicine is many things, but one thing it isn’t is cheap. How often do you argue with accountants about costs? They want cost certainty and you argue the marketplace is always changing. Equipment leasing is one thing you won’t fight with the bean counters about. They’ll love the set monthly cost that they can write off entirely, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind with it
  Increased Access to Credit: For medical providers, there is always a need to expand a practice and if you are a hospital, that need always have the best doctors and treatment protocols is especially acute. The monthly payments mean banks will trust you with lending, and your business will expand and serve more people
Medical equipment leasing is critically important to having a sustainable practice. Learn how you can get the best terms by call our experienced team today at 604-670-7816 today!


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