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Expand Your Storage Capacity

Grain Bin Equipment Leasing

For farmers of wheat and similar crops, storing grain is not an option – you need to constantly have these facilities available and even more importantly these grain bins need to perform the vital function of keeping the grain clear of the elements and animals.

Grain bins can wear out though, and that invites all sorts of problems. Instead of having to constantly repair your grain bin, consider leasing your grain bins instead.

Why lease instead of buying? The reasons are simple - fixed price, updated equipment, and consistent support.

Here’s how each works:


  Fixed Price: Variation in harvest is a fact of life for farmers, so having a consistent expense that never unexpectedly inflates means lean harvest are not as problematic
  Updated Equipment: As technology gets better, you’ll always have the best grain bins available instead of the old one that keeps coming apart
  Consistent Support: If the grain bin is not working properly, simply call the vendor of the equipment and a professional will be out there right away to repair it
Don’t wait to get rid of your grain bin worries, call 604-670-7816 today!


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