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Score a Hole in One By Leasing

Golf Cart Leasing

Every day on the golf course is a great day! No matter if you shoot in the 60’s or, well, not the 60’s, a bad day of golf beats a great day doing nearly anything else. That’s why you operate a golf course. There are few things more fun than helping golfers and being out in the sun all day.

However, one thing that isn’t fun – golf carts! They are essential though, and your golfers count on them. On busy days they are necessary to keep your golfers moving throughout the course.

Leasing golf carts however – that’s as rewarding as a three-foot putt for birdie! All you have to worry about is storing and charging the carts overnight, and the fixed expense of a lease is one less thing to worry about.

Here are the benefits of golf cart leasing:

  The Best Carts: Unlike golf carts you’d purchase outright, leasing golf carts allows you to change out your fleet for better, more state of the art carts including those with GPS systems allowing your golfers to see the distance to the hole
  Cost Certainty: Instead of hoping everything is alright with the carts, you can rest assured knowing that you are going to spend a certain amount every month on carts – no more, no less
  Credit Worthiness: Banks love consistent on time payments. When you need to renovate your course getting a loan won’t be difficult thanks to cart leasing
The bottom line is golf cart leasing immensely benefits your golf course. Score a hole in one by talking to one of our professional leasing agents today 604-670-7816!


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