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Peace of Mind Backup System

Generator Leasing

When we think of the need for generators, usually it has to do with storms, but the reality is many businesses have a need for generators beyond long outages due to a weather event. Having a generator means your business will always be powered on. But, purchasing generators can be expensive, and using your business’ working capital for generators is not always the best investment.

Leasing a generator is a great idea because your business will have the peace of mind knowing there is a backup system in place but at the same time not sinking large amounts of cash into a purchase you may never use.

The benefits of generator leasing are numerous, but here are some key benefits that your business will appreciate:



  Most Current Products: Purchasing generators is not a great idea because over time the generator loses its value and your investment becomes a sunk cost. Leases allow you to always have the most modern products
  Cost Certainty: Instead of paying prohibitive costs for generator maintenance, you have a set payment each month
  Credit Worthiness: Your generator payments mean that banks look at you as a solid investment, this important credit score allows your business to access capital to expand, or even buy out another business
There is no better time than now to learn more about generator leasing, call our friendly staff today at 604-670-7816!


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