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Update Your Equipment

Dental Equipment Leasing

For dentists, having a full client list is the key to running a successful practice. There are many different components to ensuring that your dental practice has the tools it needs to attract and maintain patients.

For dentists, a major part of their reputation is the care they provide. When a dental office is equipped with modern instruments, the job of the dentist is much easier – remember how long you would be in the chair years ago for routine procedures? Today’s dentists have more efficient processes however they have a cost.

But really, what price is too expensive for a great patient experience? What would you give to have the best equipment in house allowing for your patients to experience the absolute best care?

You’re in the business of helping people smile, so that’s why dental equipment leasing is a great idea for your practice. Here are the benefits of dental equipment leasing:



  State of the Art Equipment: Instead of performing the same procedures with the tools you’ve used for more than a decade, leasing equipment allows you to stay current and your patients will appreciate the less invasive procedures along with the reduced pain associated with the new equipment
  Information Systems: The front desk today is no longer a paper book. It is a computerized system with the best software allowing you to guarantee repeat patients. Equipment leasing means your computers and software are always up to date
  Practice Credit: Chances are you’re paying off loans from dental school so purchasing equipment is just not going to be feasible. Establishing credit is critical to building and expanding your practice and increasing profitability
There is no better time than today to update your dental practice. Call our friendly staff today at 604-670-7816 to learn how easy dental clinic equipment leasing can be!


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