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Benefit By Equipment Leasing

Commercial Equipment Leasing

When your business needs to get the tools to efficiently handle orders, there are two options – buying or leasing equipment. Unless your business has nearly unlimited amounts of liquid capital, the reality is buying equipment is not a possibility. Instead you need to lease that equipment, it’s a fantastic way for your business to increase profitability!

For small and medium sized businesses, having the right equipment means getting the job done correctly. When the job is done correctly, this can lead to repeat business and makes your business lean, efficient, and profitable.

Here are some key benefits of equipment leasing:

  Saving Money: Having the right financing means that your business doesn’t spend a penny more than it needs to. You can get the right equipment for a small monthly payment, rather than a large upfront cash purchase
  Current Equipment: When you own equipment, inevitably it becomes outdated. By leasing equipment, you can have the advantage of always having the best, most advanced equipment, thereby making your work more efficient, productive, and profitable than the competition
  Business Credit: For your business, operating on good credit terms is critical to expanding your business. By leasing equipment, you build up your business credit score and open up opportunities to increase financing opportunities which are crucial for the growth of your business
  Tax Planning: Did you know that leasing equipment is viewed as a business expense? Leasing is a tax efficient way to build your business
The bottom line is commercial businesses, regardless of their size or scope of business, benefit greatly from equipment leasing. Find out how your business can fulfill it’s potential by calling our leasing experts today at 604-670-7816!


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