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Expand Your Harvesting Opportunity

Combine Equipment Leasing

One of the best times for any farmer is the harvest. Every day you look out over your fields and see how seeds grew to small plants, and finally as they reached full maturity your investment is about to pay massive dividends for you and your family.

This time is crucial, and harvesting your crops is time-sensitive – leave them out in the sun too long and they’re no longer desirable. All that time and effort is wasted and you’re left with a stack of bills and no way to pay them.

To avoid that scenario, you need a combine. These harvesting machines make life for farmers so much easier. No more hand picking which can take eons – instead the mechanized combine allows you to harvest a field in less than a day.


What if you could avoid losing all that money? That’s exactly what will happen if you decide to lease your combine instead of purchasing it!

Here’s why people lease combines: fixed price, updated equipment, and consistent support.

Here’s how each works:

But having a combine is no small investment. You have to constantly maintain it and be sure that it is always in working order. When the combine isn’t working properly, that’s harvest money out the window along with money used to repair the combine.
  Fixed Price: Variation in harvest is a fact of life for farmers, so having a consistent expense that never unexpectedly inflates means lean harvest are not as problematic
  Updated Equipment: As technology gets better, you’ll always have the best combine available and never have to worry about your harvest again
  Consistent Support: If the combine is not working properly, simply call the equipment vendor and a professional will be out there right away to fix it
Don’t wait to get rid of your harvest worries, call 604-670-7816 today and always have a reliable combine!


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