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Farming Equipment Lease

Agricultural Equipment Leasing

Farms are the backbone of our society, they are where our meats, fruits, vegetables, grains, and a whole host of other products are sourced. Regardless of whether your farm is a small family farm or a large, corporate farm, the work is never easy. There are many ways that you can work smarter though, and in order for that to happen you need the right equipment.

So how do you acquire this equipment? There is a great argument for owning equipment – you’ll have it as long as you need it and more than that, it’s yours.

But, what if you could get equipment for your farm that was competitively priced and you did not have to worry about maintenance and could upgrade as needed?



That’s exactly what you get with agricultural equipment leasing. What’s even more interesting for farmers like you who are conscious of everything happening on your land is that often the benefits of equipment leasing are lost.

Here are some ways that agricultural equipment leasing benefits your farm:
  Updated Equipment: Thanks to equipment leasing terms, your farm will always have the best and most up to date tools – meaning your farm will always operate at peak efficiency
  Stable Balance Sheet: The nature of farming means variable rates of return based on your crops. Agricultural equipment leasing allows you to have a consistent amount of expenses instead of varying expenses along with varying profits
  Increased Credit Worthiness: Your farm does not exist in isolation, so if you need money for improvements on the farm or to expand your farm, a history of payments with an equipment leasing company makes getting approval very easy
Now with all that in mind, what are some of the items that can be leased for farmers? The reality is if you take an inventory of your equipment you’ll find nearly everything can be leased. The best part is when it breaks it’s not on you to fix it – the leasing company handles that!
  Tractors: Leasing a tractor can be very advantageous for your farm. How many times have you had to work with an old tractor and hope it starts? With agricultural equipment leasing all you need to do if it doesn’t start is call the company and you’ll have a new one right away
  Grain Bins: For the farmers who are responsible for the building blocks of all breads, having grain bins free from rust or other maladies is vital. Grain should be stored in a dry place, so always be assured that you’ll have the best grain bins on the market
  Combines: When harvesting grain having a working combine is not an option – it’s a requirement. Rest assured that every combine on your farm will be the best on the market and always starting right up for you so that you never lose a harvest
  Skid Steer: This versatile piece of equipment allows you to perform a ton of tasks around the farm. Whether you are moving plants or other important items, your skid steer will always be top of the line
The bottom line is agricultural equipment leasing is a great way for your farm to have stability in an unstable business. Always perform at peak efficiency when leasing farm equipment. Call our team today at 604-670-7816 to learn more!


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