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Why Lease?

Advantages of Leasing Equipment

There are many misconceptions concerning purchasing equipment versus leasing equipment. The idea that it’s better to always own than lease is patently false – especially when considering that owning equipment actually puts your business in a worse position financially. Making a large equipment purchase using cash from your company’s bank account can be absolutely crippling to your working capital. If you have to pay $100,000 for the equipment you need, it might be a lot more difficult to pay your employees, buy inventory, and cover your utilities. Leasing allows you to get the equipment you need with minimal money down, and make just a small monthly payment.

Equipment leasing is the method of having the best equipment at all times with a fixed cost. Unlike maintaining old equipment, there are no variable costs like ongoing maintenance or delays caused by malfunctions. The best part about equipment leasing? It helps businesses large and small contain costs and increase productivity through greater workplace efficiency.
What business wouldn’t want a more efficient and productive workplace?

Here are more reasons your business should lease instead of purchasing equipment:
  Always Use Updated Equipment - Your business is never behind due to outdated equipment
  Fixed Cost Containment - Never pay to repair equipment again thanks to fixed payments
  Increased Credit - Your consistent online payments allow your business to expand
  Tax Planning - When you lease equipment you’re able to write off the entire payment as a business expense
  Greater Efficiency - Using the best equipment guarantees the best productivity
  No Depreciation - Never sell anything again and take a loss on what you paid
  Avoid Inflation Costs - Continue to pay the same fixed rate regardless of increased equipment inflation costs
  Pay Only For Equipment When Needed - Enjoy the flexibility of being able to lease the equipment when you need it and to sale and lease-back equipment when the business needs a return injection of cash
There are many more reasons why your business should be renting equipment rather than purchasing equipment. Ultimately, if your business is to be productive, lean, and profitable, equipment leasing is the best option.

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