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Equipment Leasing Vancouver

About Our Team

The team at Equipment Leasing Vancouver has been helping small and medium sized enterprises with their equipment financing needs for over ten years. We have veteran experience in financing a wide variety of industries in Canada, and we continually encounter new pieces of equipment that the leasing industry has an appetite for.

We have offices in Vancouver and North Vancouver so whether you are buying new or used equipment, or you’re in need of a cash injection by way of a “sale and leaseback” with existing equipment give us a call today! We can typically get approval within 24 hours.

Stabilize Peak Efficiency

Why Leasing Equipment Makes Perfect Business Sense

Here are some of the main advantages that companies can leverage when leasing their equipment instead of buying:
  Cost Containment - Never pay to repair equipment again thanks to fixed payments
  Increased Credit - Your consistent online payments allow your business to expand
  Tax Planning - When you lease equipment you’re able to write off the entire payment as a business expense
  Greater Efficiency - Using the best equipment guarantees the best productivity
  No Depreciation - Never sell anything again and take a loss on what you paid
  Always Use Updated Equipment - Your business is never behind due to outdated equipment
There are many more reasons why your business should be renting equipment rather than purchasing equipment. Ultimately, if your business is to be productive, lean, and profitable, equipment leasing is the best option.

Call us at 604-670-7816 today and learn how your business can have the best equipment to do the job without having to pay top dollar.


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